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Updated: July 23, 2014


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Head First JavaScript Programming

Iím basing this group on the Head First JavaScript Programming book by Eric Freeman & Elisabeth Robson which you can get at Amazon. Whenever I reference a page number, Iím talking about the book.


The first part up to pp 30 is an introduction without actually putting any code into the browser, so take a look at that to start getting a feel for how it works.

Once youíve gotten to the point where you need to start running code, go through the sections below to get your browser development environment set up. You might want to go back through the examples you did on paper with the browser development tools to see the code actually running as well.

Development Environment

Note that this is a change from Google Chrome to Firefox Aurora due to the fact that Chrome was just too buggy (Firefox is also buggy, but better).


For simplicity Iím basing all this on the Firefox browser and its built in development environment, referred to as the debugger. JavaScript has a long and somewhat checkered history, so Iím going to avoid a lot of its mechanisms which are generally felt to be very bad programming practice and/or very bug prone. Thatís why Iím using the latest Aurora version of Firefox and doing some other settings to just allow the most current version of JavaScript.

Setting up:

Basic Page Setup